Skin Care Journey

Hi there,

Today I am going to start a new skincare routine. I hope to continuously use my products in the morning and at night. I will give regular updates on my skin.

A little backstory

Unfortunately for my mother I was not interested in caring for my face when I was growing up. Regardless of the dark spots or blackheads that decorated my face I didn’t care. Not even when I had the occasional white heads on my chin. It bothered my mum so much that when I was 14 I had to report to her room every Saturday morning for a mini facial. This consisted of her making sure I was washing my face the right way by washing my face in front of her and then using a toner. Next was the truly facial steamer which I truly despised and which was always followed by the extraction of the blackheads, whiteheads, postules and acne. O how it hurt!

Everything changed when I was 16 and had my very first professional facial. It was a lovely experience, miles away from the torture I had endured home. Better still, my skin improved massively from just that one visit so I decided to religiously follow the advice I was given. True dedication to a skincare routine started when I was 18 as I committed to having the best skin I can. Below are new and old products I am be using in February.

Things to note:

MY SKIN is combination, sensitive. I also have some pigmentation around my cheeks as well as dark spots and eye bags.

Invest in your SKIN. It is going to represent you for a very long time  — Linden Tyler

These are my products:

My facial  Products
My happy time!!

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