See or Not to See

I lay awake in bed at night
Staring into the darkness
Seeing the silhouettes of shapes and figures
Without my glasses
Wishing for sleep
Deciding to read a book
Leading to all thoughts of sleep disappearing
A novel about a man who is blind
The only way to treat his illness
Is the genuine love of his Soul Mate.
I ponder, for I have had to wear glasses for as long as I can remember
Why O Why couldn’t love be the cure for wearing glasses
Or an act of kindness.
All my life I have prayed for better eyesight,
I have wished upon shooting stars that I could stop wearing glasses,
I diligently ate carrots.
The man was firm, not just physically but mentally and emotionally,
O how I wished I could tell my younger self to be stronger
To stand up for herself against the bullies who mocked her
To embrace her new features and forget the havoc her spectacles had
wrought the limitations she had endured.
For the glasses will widen her horizons and not limit them
And enable her to see way beyond the narrowminded and the bullies, to the love within and abroad, just like the man had.

My final thought while I travelled with my thought, questioned all that had happened, my words, reactions, people I listened to.

I am now trying to embrace my spectacles. Though some may argue, I will appreciate it as a part of me.

It is a vital part whether I want it to play a role in my life, contact lenses or not.

Hopefully, with this new revelation, I would lead a less gloomy and conscious life.

Free myself of the taunts and words of little me’s and others.

As I continue understanding and finding myself.


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