{Review} LUSH: Sultana of Soap

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I have always loved Lush products. Especially how all ingredients are natural and I can actually see the active changes the products make. I remember my very first Lush product being the lip scrub which a friend showed me.

I would never forget my surprise at knowing that my lips could be exfoliated just as my face. The only way I knew then of getting smooth, enticing lips was by applying lip balm.I was even more surprised to learn that the main ingredient was sugar amongst others and it was edible. This led to me being a loyal fan of the brand.

The Sultana of Soap is my very first bar soap. I was attracted to it visuals I must say and the fact that it was a combination of fruits and oils I had yet to come across.


An oasis of moisture. Dried apricots, cranberries and currants gently buff, brighten and add a splash of moisture to thirsty skin while olibanum and bergamot oils soothe and lift moods. When you deserve only the most regal of washes, gentle lathers and softened skin will leave you feeling like royalty.


Dried Currants:

  • Used as a gentle exfoliate.

Dried Cranberries:

  • Used as a gentle exfoliate.
  • Has protective and antioxidant properties.

Oilbanum Oil:

  • Oil thought to be soothing and toning.
  • Meditative and resinous.

Bergamont Oil:

  • Gives a healthy shin to both hair and body.


Texture: I love the feel of this soap. It has creamy lather. It definitely left my skin feeling clean, like the kind of clean that lets you know you have just been washed. It has a light and subtle perfume, I absolutely loved it. This is a personal opinion but I loved the bits that came in my bar. I just had a little tingle whenever they tumbled down.

Packaging: Lush is a packaging- free cosmetic brand. I for one thought it would be inconvenient but it was hassle free and easy to use. As I bought it in store it was wrapped in paper and put in a bag with stamp with directions on how to use the product.


  • The lather and foam well. 3/5.
  • For a soap with 3 ingredients oil related I was expecting a more moisturising if not silky finish.
  • Drain being clogged with bits of dried fruits.



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