26/07/19 –Date Night

Today is another diary entry. I had a date today. I realised as I got ready that it’s been ages since I last had a date. I didn’t know whether I was excited about the date or just excited about the getting ready process.

Now to the good part. I am happy to announce that chivalry isn’t dead!! Please always make an effort in your appearance when going on a date. This applies to both sexes. It doesn’t even matter how old you are. I think we should all make an effort whenever we step out, especially if it’s a first date. It’s bad manners to turn up in torn shorts and bathroom flip flops for a date.

I was really nervous as it had been a while but I enjoyed having doors  opened and closed for me. Don’t get me wrong, of course I can open doors myself, but it was really lovely and touching to have someone being so attentive. I don’t ever remember seeing that growing up, only in movies or books. I am one of those girls to swoon when such things are done.

We are now having dinner and no yellow flags had gone up for me. Until he asked if I was a virgin. I was really uncomfortable not because I was embarrassed, but because his body language and general demeanour made me think it had been on his mind for some long time. It seemed the curiosity of whether I was a virgin or not at my age seemed to be of great importance and fascinated him.

I am in my 20s and I replied, ‘yes I am a virgin’ just to see his reaction and boy was it loud and clear. The absolute shock and disbelief on his face left me feeling highly insulted. Like is it that impossible for there to be virgins in today’s society??? I totally understand his disbelief as we live in a very liberal society and only a few of my friends are actually virgins.

I think what stuck with me after the date and even as I write that was his attachment to the fact that I was a ‘virgin’ was now a huge reason to be attracted to me. This creeped me out. Will I see him again? Probably not,  as I am still trying to understand how I feel about the total switch up I saw. And guess what?? I am yet to receive a text or call since that night. I am wondering is that a good thing or a bad thing.

P.S I am not confirming or denying if I am a virgin.

If you want to guess my date’s age please feel free to do so..

Written by Dishola

My name is Dishola. I am a British-Nigerian Law and International Relations graduate. Who loves writing and sharing my favourites and adventures with people.

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