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Kalabari Gecko is the first Nigeria Chocolate maker. It is homemade and locally sourced. Delivering the best and unique flavours of Nigeria – grown cocoa beans in small batches. Experimenting with indigenous flavours and ingredients. It has a variety of dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate.

I love the whole concept in the enterprise has going for the business from the Nigerian prints on the packaging to the Nigerian related names and phrases.

FUN FACT: Kalabari is an ancient tribe who lived in Niger Delta.

I had the Tale by Moonlight.

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An indulgent, creamy textured milk chocolate relying on the depth of our cocoa and the dance of our specially selected milk. Cast in our signature mould, which is designed especially for your enjoyment and sharing.


I got excited seeing the packaging. I absolutely loved seeing the print and the gecko. It gave me a firm sense of Africa. Even down to the cute little colourful Gecko. I think it’s a lovely idea. It was easy to open and could open and re-opened using the seal.


The chocolate was average, I would say It was creamy as promised but I would say it was too creamy the creaminess that leaves your tongue dry and parched. It was also overwhelmingly sweet not really giving me milk chocolate vibes. The chocolate wasn’t as smooth and easy on the throat as I had imagined it would be. It had more of a heavy feel to it.


I loved the Nigerian concept, such as having a product look like a Nigerian passport, having products named after seasons and such. Would I try a product from this brand again? Maybe is my answer.


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