{Food Review}: THE VUE

Prior to visiting The Vue, I was yet to hear anyone recommend the restaurant. That alone had me a bit skeptical about the restaurant mounted with it having no available website or Instagram account. I for one was just starving the day I found this restaurant on Google Maps.

Feeling adventurous, I found a friend who was just as hungry as I was and willing to try the new restaurant. Google Maps lead us to a Mall, can’t lie I was truly shocked and truly believed there was a problem because the pictures online and what I stood in front of had no similarity.

Asking around we discovered that the resturant was in the same primises as the mall but it had a separate entrance. I absolutely fell in love with the decor of the resturant.


The Vue claims to have 5 major culinary stops they include China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and India.

Resturant also claim to use only halal meats, i.e. no beef or pork.




Our Order:



Buttered Naan — this came in 3 pieces and was delicious

Dal Tadka — this is lentil soup with spices.

Don’t let the aesthetics of the soup bucket fool you like it did me, it doesn’t go as deep as one would expect.


I loved the ambiance. We went at a quiet time. The colours and table setting coordinated.

I believe customer service/ waiters influence diners experience at a restaurant. The waiter was attentive and helpful with all the questions we had.


I definitely will return 7/10




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