Collateral Beauty

Like a rare light walking through worlds of monotone, like a ray of sunshine which lands on translucent water, Beauty walks in capturing the attention of everyone present the young, old, deformed or perfect.

She is not the picture of perfection but is a perfect imperfection hidden beneath a cocoon of covers and living in a world of mistaken identities. Beauty emerges, cracking the sides slowly like a hatching chick, with each crack bringing forth a radiant light that dances through the shadows of darkness and loss, creating a new image of an uncommon beauty. 

Surrounded by weary eyes, Beauty clothes herself with a confidence that cannot be bought but built through challenges. The kind that isn’t ready made but developed through experience. 

Walking through a clutter of people, she settles within the unlikely ones, declaring her presence to the universe and like a fire in a cave attracts the attention of all within it or a magnet surrounded by several nails, she attracts each person and transforms them with a mere glance.

She does not conform to this world but stands with confidence and dignity. She follows no trend. She is a trendsetter. She has no need for man-made beauty; be it the lashes, the concealer, foundation or even the simple lip gloss. All these are unnecessary, for  her beauty is within, then reflected outward. Inner beauty it is what I call it.

She is overflowing with kindness, patience, love, selflessness, tolerance. She does not discriminate. She is a voice and not an echo. There are others, rivals in fact, but she reigns supreme.

In a world where Fake is the new Black, she stands tall, unique. 

She stands because she combines virtue, courage, humility, strength, willpower, boldness, confidence (with a dash of sarcasm and humour) mixed with the teaching of God.

This is what she represents. This is what she stands for. This is what she embodies.

She is a real Beauty.

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