{Review}: VDL Lumilayer Primer

When illuminating primers were all the rain. I looked and tried various samples. One of the biggest setback for me was the ashy finish or colour stay from most finishes.

I had seen lots of reviews on YouTube and online on this product, but I hesitated because of my previous experiences. Then I saw a YouTuber’s review on this product. I was very willing to try it. Why, you may wonder, the YouTuber was dark skin like me. So I thought if it’s okay on her, it should be fine on me.

I am in love with my primer and am now a repeated purchaser. Here are some of my thoughts.


VDL Lumilayer Primer is a radiant primer that captures and reflects light, instantly creating a smooth surface with a soft, luminescent glow.

VDL Lumilayer Primer prolongs and enhances the wear of foundation and provides a lasting, silky texture.

We create VDL Lumilayer Primer with red and blue pigments that emit a soft violet sheen for a lit – from within radiance.


Lumilayer Glow Skin

VDL Lumilayer Primer contains violent lumiayer pigment that fixes the dullness of the skin and creates radiant, healthy skin that gives out clear, bright light.



The texture is lightweight, and it absorbed easily whether I used a brush, beauty blender or my fingers. The formula gives a moisturiser feel. It isn’t greasy or sticky.


I like the overall look of the product. The pump dispenses enough product for me to use on my face. I love the simplicity of it all.

I appreciate the glass illusion, but it’s acrylic. I love that as I am rough with my makeup products and always pray nothings broken when I travel.

The texture looks very creamy, but the consistency is watery.
I love the simplicity of the packaging


It gives a smooth finish. My skin looked hydrated after application. I had a healthy dewy finish; it wasn’t overly shiny. I didn’t have any flash backs when I had pictures taken. I noticed a shimmering finish.

Look at that finish!!!


I would absolutely recommend this primer to anyone. I have used this beneath but matte and dewy foundation and it was beautiful and not excessive. I love the finish result. I also sometimes use this just beneath Where I would place my highlighter when I want to be extra and I got many compliments. I would warn against going overboard cause that would leave a violet and ashy finish and need extra time when you want to apply foundation or even flash backs when taking pictures with flash.


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